The consequences of watching horror movies

This type of cinema is preferred, according to specialists, by people who like top sports. But he has a pro.

Are you one of those people who like horror movies? Do you enjoy scaring yourself with ghosts, monsters, serial killers? Being fans of this type of cinema has its pros and cons, although, to be honest, they describe a pro and many contras, both physical and psychological.

According to an article published by the website , although we do not detect it, horror films produce consequences that are not entirely beneficial for physical and mental health.

The article makes sure that people who like horror movies are also attracted to extreme sports (without necessarily practicing them), because dodging death makes them feel more alive.

Watching a horror movie affects the body by increasing the heart rate, and in people with coronary heart disease, it can increase chest pain and blood pressure. In addition, they can increase the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, and what is worse, trigger memories of traumatic events.

Nothing slight physical effects, but psychological ones can be worse. And it is that watching a horror movie generates fear, anxiety, insomnia, phobias and mental traumas in people.

Insomnia is immediate and may persist for several days, and this, accompanied by nightmares, would seriously affect mental and physical health.

After watching a horror movie, the person can start to fear the darkness, as well as relapse into crying, screaming, trembling and nausea. Anxiety can also be present, with consequences that, in the case of children, will occur in adulthood.

Developing phobias to certain animals, to blood, height and closed spaces and post-traumatic stress disorders can also be derivations of horror movies.

But not everything is so bad, since watching a horror movie tends to desensitize a person to violence, creating an impact on behavior that helps them react in a less startled way to difficult situations in real life. Thus, horror films become an effective tool for the treatment of fears and phobias.